The Top Privacy Perspectives Posts of 2013

By Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP/US, CIPP/E

On February 21, 2013, Privacy Perspectives, our first-ever blog, was born. Though we unveiled it at the IAPP Privacy Summit, in March, the blog was new territory for us, and, speaking for myself, it’s been fun watching it grow. There was no shortage of fodder for the privacy conversation in 2013, as Omer Tene so aptly described in an earlier post. I personally love end-of-year best-of music lists, so thought it appropriate to share with you our most popular blog posts of the year.

Here it goes ... drumroll, please:

1.When What You Had for Lunch Comes Back To Bite You: A Social Media Experiement

2. The Internet of Things: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

2. Vint Cerf is Wrong. Privacy Is Not An Anomaly

3. The Transatlantic Divide Over Data Privacy Rights

4. The ABCs of BCRs

5. If Google Cares About Cookie Consent, So Should You

6. The OECD Heralds the Arrival of the Privacy Profession

7. Has the LIBE Committee Torpedoed the Safe Harbor?

8. Where Is the Regulation of Transborder Data Flows Headed? 

9. An Open Letter to Privacy Professionals

10. The Impact of PRISM on International Data Flows

A hearty shout-out to all our contributors for your insights and a huge thanks to you for reading. See you in 2014!

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As editor of the Privacy Perspectives, Jedidiah Bracy moderates the many views, angles and, well, perspectives that inform information privacy and all its adjacent professions.

In addition to editing the Privacy Perspectives, Bracy facilitates the vetting, writing, editing and curation for the Daily Dashboard, the IAPP Canada Dashboard Digest, the IAPP Europe Data Protection Digest and the IAPP ANZ Dashboard Digest. He writes feature articles for The Privacy Advisor on information privacy law, data protection and the privacy profession.

When not mulling over the current state of information privacy in the digital age, Bracy enjoys watching international soccer, listening to his music library and tasting a finely wrought craft beer. You can follow him @jedbracy

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