Greetings from the Editor

By Jedidiah Bracy, CIPP/US, CIPP/E

Greetings from the IAPP’s first-ever blog!

So much is changing and evolving in this Digital Age, and with that, tough conversations are happening and opinions are being forged throughout the world about privacy and data protection.

Privacy Perspectives is the place to have those difficult but necessary discussions.

A wealth of experts are helping to drive legislation, build privacy programs, design technology and hash out legal uncertainty. Industry, advocacy and governments are all grappling with a seismic technological and social shift.

Privacy Perspectives will be a forum for those experts to speak about these complex times, challenge our thinking and continually improve this dynamic profession.

We hope you’ll enjoy the conversation.

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About the Author

As editor of the Privacy Perspectives, Jedidiah Bracy moderates the many views, angles and, well, perspectives that inform information privacy and all its adjacent professions.

In addition to editing the Privacy Perspectives, Bracy facilitates the vetting, writing, editing and curation for the Daily Dashboard, the IAPP Canada Dashboard Digest, the IAPP Europe Data Protection Digest and the IAPP ANZ Dashboard Digest. He writes feature articles for The Privacy Advisor on information privacy law, data protection and the privacy profession.

When not mulling over the current state of information privacy in the digital age, Bracy enjoys watching international soccer, listening to his music library and tasting a finely wrought craft beer. You can follow him @jedbracy

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