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A Privacy Impact Assessment Framework for data protection and privacy rights

Created by the PIAF consortium to the European Commission, this report reviews the privacy impact assessment (PIA) methodologies of seven countries and 10 PIA case studies.

Mobile Phones and Privacy

Created by Jennifer M. Urban and Chris Jay Hoofnagle of the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology at the UC-Berkeley School of Law, this study aims to better understand Americans’ attitudes towards privacy in data generated by or stored on mobile phones and inform the public policy debate concerning the collection and use of information by private and public actors.

Information Security & Data Breach Report—June 2012 Update

Created by Navigant, this report is designed to keep the legal community apprised of data breach activity, spotlight notable breaches, and identify trends and other major changes taking place in the information security arena.

Cyber/Privacy Insurance Market Survey –2012

Created by Betterley Risk Consultants, this survey reviews and evaluates insurance products designed to protect against data security risks for organizations.

2012 Data Breach Investigations Report

A study conducted by the Verizon RISK Team with cooperation from the Australian Federal Police, Dutch National High Tech Crime Unit, Irish Reporting and Information Security Service, Police Central e-Crime Unit, and United States Secret Service.

Exploring the Meaning of “Real Risk of Significant Harm”

This report by Heenan Blakie compiles the results of the AccessPrivacy CPO Forum Workshops held on September 27 and October 12, 2011, Exploring the Meaning of the “Real Risk of Significant Harm” breach notification threshold under the Personal Information Protection Act (Alberta).

Empirical Analysis of Data Breach Litigation

By Sasha Romanosky, David A. Hoffman and Alessandro Acquisti

An Evaluation of Privacy Impact Assessment Guidance Documents

Written by Roger Clarke for International Data Privacy Law

2012 IAPP Privacy Professionals Role, Function and Salary Survey

The 2012 IAPP Privacy Professionals Role, Function and Salary Survey builds upon last year’s survey to provide expanded analysis of key trends as reported by respondents from multiple disciplines within the privacy field. As with previous editions, this survey highlights information and potential trends with regard to the responsibilities, department structures, reporting relationships and compensation levels of privacy professionals from across the globe.

2011 iappANZ Privacy Professionals Role, Function and Salary Survey

The inaugural iappANZ Privacy Professionals Role, Function and Salary Survey is presented by the International Association of Privacy Professionals and iappANZ as an analysis of the work of privacy and data protection professionals in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. This report highlights the privacy expertise within this region and provides information to help privacy professionals enhance their ongoing career development in the data protection field.

Data Privacy and Trust in the Mobile World

Using findings from the Digital Trust Initiative, presented at the 2011 IAPP executive forum—Navigate, this Data Privacy and Trust in the Mobile World whitepaper from Experian offers guidance and best practices for creating mobile applications that build consumer trust.

Data Protection Authorities 2011 Global Survey

The Data Protection Authorities 2011 Global Survey is intended as a resource for exploring the constantly evolving nature of global data protection regulation. This year’s survey examines the work of regulators from 32 jurisdictions with special attention to trends emerging through three years of detailed survey responses and includes new features, including spotlight profiles of DPAs from across the globe.

The Demographics of Privacy—A Blueprint for Understanding Consumer Perceptions and Behavior

The Lares Institute based the findings in this report on data from several surveys intended to gauge consumer sensitivity to certain types of information and to privacy issues in general. The report focuses on patterns within demographics such as age, income level and education level, discussing the results generally and drawing conclusions based on the data.

Cookies: Implementation of the new Directive (October 14, 2011)

This Bird & Bird table outlines the status—as of October 14, 2011—of EU member states’ implementation of the ePrivacy Directive requiring online organizations to gain consent prior to collecting cookies from users. Broken down by nation, the table shows each country’s obligation under the old regime and whether it has implemented the directive—including the date of implementation for those that have and the progress of those that have not.

2011 IAPP Global Privacy Leaders Salary Survey

The 2011 IAPP Global Privacy Leaders Salary Survey builds on the information gathered in last year’s inaugural survey to examine the work of global privacy leaders with attention to emerging trends. The survey intends to provide a benchmark for salary, benefits, scope of role and size of privacy group for privacy professionals worldwide.

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