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Microsoft Updates Policy Ahead of Launch


November 4, 2013

Ahead of the launch of the Xbox One this month, Microsoft has updated its privacy policy to clarify how data is collected and used within gaming functions. While Xbox One uses facial recognition to log in users, the data doesn’t leave the console and can be deleted at any time. However, users “should not expect any level of privacy” when it comes to live communication features like chat and video during live-hosted game sessions. Microsoft reserves the right to monitor those communications “to the extent permitted by law,” Ars Technica reports. Users are permitted to disable targeted ads and tracking through an opt-out page. Editor’s Note: For more on privacy concerns related to Kinect 2.0, see attorney David Tashroudian’s exclusive article, “Will Kinect 2.0 and COPPA Play Well Together?,” in The Privacy Advisor.
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