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Greetings! (September 2, 2009)
Since the first humans realized the healing properties of plants, people have been sharing medical remedies. So it should come as no surprise, perhaps, that in today's Information Age, such sharing takes place online. On sites such as PatientsLikeMe.com and MigraineLiving.com, people post their symptoms, diagnoses, and genetic information for their own benefit and that of others...
Health Information-Sharing Environment (September 1, 2009)
After enduring migraine headaches for 20 years, Michael Cowden was at the end of his rope. While he'd received treatment advice from tens of physicians, he was no closer to mitigating the debilitating effects of his headaches than he was years earlier. So he decided to get, in his own words, "migraine-aggressive." Web research yielded a wealth of information, much of it culled from blogs written by fellow migraineurs. Before long, he'd turned his treatment regimen on its ear. "When dealing with healthcare providers, I was educating them about my disease, rather than...
Privacy Consent Glossary (September 1, 2009)
Differing understandings of what "opt in" and "opt out" mean have stymied countless conversations between corporate marketers and privacy officers around the world. Similar confusion over definitions of "marketing" communications versus "administrative" communications have put the brakes on many creative marketing ideas. What are some possible solutions? The following glossary offers some starting points for your company's internal policy deliberations.