Privacy Advisor

IAPP Hits 14k Members, Expands Into New Space

October 17, 2013

By coincidence, the IAPP celebrated the joining of its 14,000th member by opening up new office space this past weekend, continuing its growth in both the privacy industry and the warehouse space it occupies on the former Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, NH.

The membership growth and need for office space obviously are closely connected. While it took more than 10 years to hit 10,000 members in 2012, membership has grown to 14,000 in just about two years since then, and the IAPP has had to add staff to support those members in their training, certification, events and publications teams along the way, along with the addition of the Westin Research Center, also housed in the IAPP’s offices.

To commemorate the opening of the new space, IAPP President and CEO Trevor Hughes commissioned a piece of art, “Code and Other Laws of Privacy,” from Portland, Maine, artist Will Sears. A sign-painter by trade, Sears painted the word “privacy” in five different styles in oil enamels on reclaimed barnboard, then cut the boards into puzzle pieces and rearranged them.

“That way, it’s encrypted,” Sears said.

As a sign-painter, currently also part of a sign-themed exhibition at Portland’s SPACE Gallery, Sears said he thinks about privacy quite a bit. “A lot of the stuff I do has an automatic association with privacy, opening places that were previously private to the public … Subconsciously, I’m working with it every day. It was a cool exercise to think about it in more specific terms.”

Sears’ work will hang in the new entryway to the IAPP offices, which are now 6,000 square feet larger, space that was needed to accommodate an organization that has now grown past 70 employees and expects to continue its growth going forward.