Privacy Advisor

UnboundID Releases Transparency Solution

May 1, 2013

UnboundID has released its Privacy Suite, a solution that aims to bring transparency, choice and control to the collection and ongoing management of personal data, while authorizing and governing the use of this data in real-time. The suite provides the technology foundation for companies to ensure compliance with their stated privacy practices and enables them to build business models that leverage customer identity data, according to a press release.

“For companies managing large amounts of customer identity data that want to leverage it and protect their customers’ privacy, the Privacy Suite is a software solution that bridges identity commerce and customer respect,” said UnboundID CEO Steve Shoaff. “Because the privacy and data protection regulatory tide is growing, companies need to think ahead and equip themselves with the right solutions.”

The Privacy Suite authorizes the release of data via policies that combine customer consent choices with internal access policies. If access violates internal policies or the individual’s consent, the data cannot be retrieved.

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