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EZShield Releases Business Security Service

May 1, 2013

EZShieldSM has announced the EZShield Business Security Service (BSS), a comprehensive service aimed at enabling small businesses to protect critical information. BSS is an end-to-end solution that provides small businesses with a security assessment, preventative tips to help avoid a data breach, consulting services and access to a resolution specialist should the business suffer an identity theft event. BSS proactively helps to mitigate the risk of business fraud and also can extend identity protection to employees.

"Security breaches continue to be a major concern for companies of all sizes, but small businesses are especially at risk given their limited resources and lack of security expertise," said Dale Dabbs, CEO of EZShield. "With EZShield Business Security Service, our small business partners can feel confident that their critical information is secure and can pay more attention to delivering value to their customers."


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