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Could Right To Be Forgotten Have Helped Embattled Official?


April 9, 2013

BBC News reports on recently unearthed and damaging tweets by the UK’s first Youth Police and Crime Commissioner, Paris Brown, from when she was aged between 14 and 16. The 17 year old has since deleted her Twitter page, but the article queries whether the European Commission’s proposed “right to be forgotten” could have helped Brown avoid such an incident. Brown said of her past tweets, “I don't think they should shape my future and my career and how I'm going to represent young people.” Yet, the report also states that the UK Ministry of Justice does not support this “right,” as it “raises unrealistic and unfair expectations.” Justice Secretary Chris Grayling added, “the ‘reasonable steps’ required by the draft regulation would promise much, but deliver little.” Editor’s Note: The IAPP blog post “Maybe We Need ‘A Right To Be Forgiven’” explores the implications of data erasure and online reputation.
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