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Boucher: Legislation Lacks "Critical Mass"


October 20, 2011

The National Journal reports on recent comments made by former Rep. Rick Boucher on the possibility of Congress passing comprehensive privacy legislation during the current term. "There are some major company supporters of a privacy bill," Boucher said, "but not the critical mass that I think is necessary to drive a bill through to passage." Speaking at a forum Wednesday, Boucher predicted that the House will likely pass a children's privacy bill and move to update a 1988 law that protects the video rental accounts of consumers. Of the children's privacy bill, sponsored by Reps. Joe Barton (R-TX) and Ed Markey (D-MA), Boucher said that when the two congressmen "agree on something, they are very powerful as a duo. And they can often drive the result, and I think they will do so in this case." Editor's Note: See this month's edition of Inside 1 to 1: PRIVACY for insights from privacy experts on whether a federal "Privacy Bill of Rights" will become a reality.
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