Privacy Advisor

The Lighter Side of Privacy

April 1, 2007


  • Privacy in the Afterlife: New Trans-border Challenges
  • The Role of Alcohol in Privacy Breaches: When You've Said Too Much
  • "Maybe": The New Option for Email Marketing
  • Most Effective Fonts for Privacy Statements
  • The New Data Retention Rules: How Many Boxes Will You Need?
  • Reducing the Risk of Paper Cuts when Implementing the FTC Document Disposal Rule
  • Super Model Contracts: For the Prettiest Privacy Professionals
  • Pig Latin and Other Forms of Encryption
  • Using Not-so-binding Corporate Rules to Nearly Comply with EU Requirements
  • Step 1 in Incident Response: Mastering the Primeval Scream
  • Leading Practices in Privacy Governance: How to Spread the Blame
  • Increasing the Privacy Office Budget using the Nigerian 419 Spam Scam

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