Privacy Advisor

Markle Task Force Releases Report on Mobilizing Information to Prevent Terrorism

September 1, 2006

The Task Force's recently released report titled, "Mobilizing Information to Prevent Terrorism: Accelerating Development of a Trusted Information Sharing Environment," recommends new concepts that reconcile national security needs with civil liberties requirements.

With a focus on a trusted information sharing environment, the following are recommended for adoption:

  • An "authorized use" standard to determine who should have access to information the government has lawfully collected based on the use to which they will put the information rather than its place of collection.
  • A "risk management" approach to classification that better balances the risks of inappropriate disclosure with the risks of failing to share information.
  • Clear guidelines for sharing information while protecting civil liberties.
  • Technology that facilitates sharing while protecting security and privacy.
  • An effective dispute resolution process.
  • A new Information Sharing Institute.

A copy of this report is available online.