Frequently Asked Questions about Hosting Privacy After Hours


How can I volunteer to host  Privacy After Hours?
First, you must be an IAPP member to host an event. A volunteer form is posted online as a Privacy After Hours date nears. If you are the first person to volunteer, you will be asked to fill out the form with the event details and your contact information.

What is the host’s responsibility?
Hosts are responsible for selecting and making arrangements with the after hours venue, bringing necessary materials to the venue and being present at your gathering.

How will the IAPP provide support?
Once a location has been established the IAPP will promote the gathering on our website, in our Daily Dashboard and regional Digest e-newsletters, on our Facebook page and in other communications whenever possible. We’ll also e-mail an invitation to local members about three weeks before the event. The IAPP will collect RSVPs and provide you with the list of attendees at least one day before the gathering takes place. We will also provide a general headcount one week before. Hosts are welcome to post after hours details on the IAPP Facebook page or other networking sites. We encourage hosts to reach out to their own networks of colleagues and friends. Privacy After Hours is open to anyone involved or interested in privacy, including nonmembers.

What kinds of places work best for Privacy After Hours?
Choose a fun after-hours location. The best places are local restaurants or bars that are not too crowded and have enough room for people to mingle. To maximize attendance, plan to have your gathering right after work; delaying it into the evening will reduce participation. Privacy After Hours is about networking and socializing so find a location that promotes fun!

What should we discuss?
Whatever you want! This is your opportunity to get to know other privacy professionals in your area and learn about their jobs and other interests.

What can I expect as a host?
There is no way to guarantee attendance so you may have two people or 20 people at your gathering. It is not unusual for people to RSVP and change plans at the last minute, so don't be discouraged if you have some no-shows. We encourage you to join the IAPP's Facebook group (if you haven't already) and talk up your city on our Facebook page.

How will attendees know how to find me?
The IAPP will email you a table sign that you can place on the table at the venue. We’ll also provide name badges.

How can I share what happened at my gathering?
We'd love for you to share some pictures of your Privacy After Hours experience. But remember, you must ask those attending for permission. Be sure that attendees know that the IAPP reserves the right to use the photos on our website or Facebook page.