Krysten B. Jenci, CIPP/US

Washington, DC KnowledgeNet Chair
Acting Director, Office of Digital Services Industries, and Team Leader, Data Flows and Privacy Team International Trade Administration
U.S. Department of Commerce   

Krysten Jenci is acting director of the Office of Digital Services Industries and team leader of the Data Flows and Privacy Team at the International Trade Administration. As acting director, Jenci oversees a team that provides expertise on a number of Internet trade policy issues, including in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations. As team leader of the Data Flows and Privacy Team, she works to promote privacy policy frameworks to facilitate the free flow of data across borders to support trade. Her team administers the U.S.–EU and U.S.–Swiss Safe Harbor Frameworks, and is leading efforts to implement the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Cross Border Privacy Rules system. She is co-chair of the International Working Group of the National Science and Technology Council Privacy Subcommittee and a member of Commerce’s Senior Internet Policy Task Force. Jenci is CIPP certified, and has won several awards for her work on privacy policy issues. She spoke on a panel regarding EU–U.S. data transfer options at the 2013 IAPP Global Privacy Summit, and presented at an IAPP KnowledgeNet program in Portland, OR, to discuss European privacy issues and the U.S.–EU Safe Harbor Framework. 

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