Editorial Guidelines for the Privacy Advisor


The IAPP accepts articles for consideration in our monthly publication, the Privacy Advisor.
 If you are interested in authoring an article, please submit a one-paragraph summary that provides a brief overview of the proposed article to our Privacy Advisor editor, Angelique Carson, CIPP/US, at acarson@privacyassociation.org.
 Article summaries will be reviewed and those that are timely, newsworthy and fit our content needs will be invited to submit a full article for publication.

Article content guidelines:

  • Articles should be 1,500 words or fewer; 800-1,200 words is the preferred length
  • The use of tables, photographs, graphics or illustrations is encouraged
  • Promotional content should be avoided; articles that read like marketing collateral will be rejected
  • We encourage you to quote other topic experts within the article
  • There should not be footnotes in the copy
  • Style note: Use only one space after a period, not two; no Oxford comma
  • A one-paragraph bio and a head shot must accompany the article. Contact information for the author(s) is optional. Please indicate if you would like to include an email address, telephone number or both at the end of the bio.

The articles will be edited, and every effort will be made to coordinate with the author(s) on changes to the submission before publication.
 Please note that we make every effort to accommodate requests for articles to appear in specific issues; however, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled.
 Thank you for your interest in submitting an article for the Privacy Advisor.