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Web Conference - Doing Business in Canada - What You Need To Know04/24/2014$0$119
Web Conference - The Role of Privacy Seals and Certifications in Building Trust and Global Interoperability05/08/2014$0$0
Web Conferences On Demand
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A Decade of Privacy Since 9/11$159$179
A Review and Update of State Data Breach Laws$159$179
Accountability in Complex Organizations$159$179
Accountability in Data Governance: From Concept to Reality$159$179
Analyzing LIBE's Draft of the EU Data Protection Regulation$0$119
Anonymization and De-Identification: Technical and Legal Considerations$159$179
Applied Privacy in the EU - Where Information Security Meets Privacy Law$159$179
Big Data, Privacy and Intangible Assets$0$119
Binding Corporate Rules for Data Processors$159$179
Bricks and Mortar Is Back - Emerging Privacy Issues for U.S. Retailers$159$179
Building Trust through Privacy Seals$159$179
Consumer Privacy Class-Action Lawsuits - The New Landscape$159$179
Cookie Consent: How to Avoid Half-baked Compliance$159$179
Cookies and the State of the European Union - Legal and Practical Considerations$159$179
Coping with the Data Breach Regulatory Avalanche$0$0
COPPA Moving Forward$159$179
COPPA Review: Fall 2011$159$179
COPPA Update - A Close Look at the New Amendments$159$179
Crafting Plain Language Privacy Notices$159$179
Data Breach Compliance and Response - Lessons Learned$159$179
Data Breach Compliance and Response - Session One$159$179
Data Breach Compliance and Response: How to Communicate Effectively$159$179
Data in Transition: Privacy Management in Bankruptcies, Mergers and Acquisitions$159$179
Data Privacy Considerations When Conducting E-Discovery$159$179
Dealing with Paper in a Paperless World - Privacy Challenges of Paper-Digital Conversions$159$179
Designing Privacy for the Mobile Environment - Key Considerations$159$179
Do Not Track: Implementation and Impact$159$179
Draft Report on New EU Data Protection Regulation - Strict Requirements Proposed$159$179
Driving Big Data in the Marketing Research Industry$159$179
Employee Social Media Accounts - Financial Regulators Want Access$159$179
Enforcement Trends in Healthcare Privacy$159$179
EU Cloud Computing Privacy Guidance$159$179
Evaluating Cyber Liability Insurance$159$179
Federal CyberSecurity Legislation - Momentum is Building$79$89
HIPAA Final Omnibus Rule Announced$159$179
International Data Security Requirements$159$179
Interpreting the New De-Identification Standards$159$179
Keeping Up with Data Privacy Developments in Latin America$159$179
Key Privacy Lawsuits of 2010: Insights and Analysis$159$179
Legal Privacy Primer - First Steps in a Career$0$0
Managing Privacy for a Mobile and Remote Workforce$159$179
Managing Privacy in the Web 2.0 Workplace$159$179
Massachusetts Data Protection Law - Third-Party Provision Effective March 1$159$179
Mobile Payment Systems: Protecting and Securing a Moving Target$159$179
Negotiating and Preparing Cloud Contracts$159$179
New Developments in Canadian Privacy$159$179
New GINA Requirements: Increased Protections for Family Medical History and Other "Genetic Information"$159$179
Online Behavioral Advertising - The Current Global Landscape$159$179
Online Behavioural Advertising in 2013 -- Likely Developments in the U.S. and EU$159$179
Outsourcing Residual Risk$159$179
Outsourcing to the Cloud - Practical Considerations for Data Owners and Cloud Vendors$159$179
Planning for and Responding to a Health Information Data Breach$159$179
Practical Steps for Achieving Privacy Compliance on Mobile Platforms$159$179
Privacy Audits - Practical Tools for Accountability$159$179
Privacy Due Diligence in Merger & Acquisition Negotiations$159$159
Privacy Implications of Biometric Controls$159$179
Privacy on the Move in California$159$179
Proposed HITECH Privacy and Security Rules Released$159$179
Readying Your Organization for the New EU Data Transfer Requirements$159$179
Reporting on Cybersecurity Risk for Public Companies$159$179
Secondary Uses of Health Information - Benefits & Concerns$159$179
Smart Grid Privacy$159$179
So You Want to Be a Business Associate?$159$179
Successful Strategies for Winning and Avoiding Privacy Class-action Lawsuits$159$179
Teleconference Recording - Asia Pacific Privacy and Data Protection Law - A Survey of Recent Developments$0$49
The Article 29 Working Party Opinion on Behavioral Advertising$159$179
The Boucher Bill: Federal Privacy Legislation Released$159$179
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Privacy Implications$159$179
The De-Identification of Health Records - Risks and Rewards$159$179
The Department of Commerce Privacy Green Paper$159$179
The Digital Health Revolution - Promises and Privacy Concerns$159$179
The End of the Data Life Cycle - Challenges and Solutions$159$179
The Ethics of Compliance and Noncompliance$159$179
The Evolution of FTC Privacy Enforcement Actions$159$179
The Evolving Nature of Privacy "Harm"$159$179
The Facebook and Google FTC Settlements - Impact for Online Privacy$159$179
The FTC Final Report on Privacy New Frameworks for Businesses and Policymakers$159$179
The FTC Privacy Report: A First Look into New Frameworks for Businesses and Policymakers$159$179
The Google Conviction and What it Means for You$159$179
The Hallmarks of Accountability$159$179
The Implications of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)$159$179
The Implications of the NSA Leaks for Privacy Professionals - Free Recording$0$0
The Metrics of Accountability$159$179
The New EU Cookie Consent Law: What is Your Strategy?$159$179
The New EU Cookie Consent Rules - What is Required?$159$179
The New EU Data Protection Framework - Significant Changes Proposed for Business and Consumers$159$179
The New GLB Model Privacy Form$159$179
The New Mexican Data Protection Law$159$179
The Obama Administration Privacy Whitepaper$159$179
The Pitfalls and Peaks of Data Breach Notification$159$179
The Privacy Equation in Identity and Access Management$159$179
The Privacy Line Between Employee and Employer: Shifting Legal Boundaries$159$179
The Privacy Pro's Field Guide to Contracting and Compliance in the Cloud$0$119
The Risks in Assessing Risks$0$119
The SEC Guidance on Cybersecurity and Incident Disclosure: What Privacy Pros Need to Know$159$179
The Sedona Conference Working Group Six- New International Discovery and Privacy Principles Proposed$159$179
The Snowden Fallout - New EU Demands and Questions for U.S. Service Providers and How to Respond$159$179
The Upcoming OCR HIPAA Audit Program - What To Expect and How To Prepare$159$179
Up in the Air - Security and Compliance When Contracting in the Cloud$159$179
Updating Online Privacy Policies - Timely Advice from Leading Experts$159$179
Vendor Management and Assurance$159$179
Where Security Meets Privacy - Real-world Challenges and Practical Solutions$159$179
Working With Third-Party Vendors - Moving Toward a Standardized Solution$159$179
Workplace Privacy: A Survey of New Legal Developments$159$179