Coping with the Data Breach Regulatory Avalanche

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Coping with the Data Breach Regulatory Avalanche - Insurance compliance counsel explores best practices and tools for preparing for and responding to breach incidents involving PII and PHI.
Original Broadcast Date: January 23, 2014

Breach notification laws are complex and pose significant compliance challenges. So what should be put into place at your organization to create a culture of compliance, to ensure customer satisfaction and to build an environment of best practices for managing federal and state breach obligations? Join our expert panel to hear about CNO Financial Group’s incident management framework, including internal and third-party breach control and their use of ID Experts RADAR™ software, as well as suggestions on what regulated entities can do to protect their members and reputations while complying with federal and state breach notification laws.
What will be covered:
•    Regulated data (PII/PHI) incident management & automation
•    CNO Financial Group’s Culture of Compliance & Governance Model
•    Data privacy and security challenges from compliance counsel’s perspective
•    CNO Financial Group’s incident response management model, workflow and tools
•    Metrics for measuring success of your incident response compliance
What you will learn:
•    Identified challenges in insurance and other regulated organizations while managing data privacy and security incidents
•    The role of business associates agreements for ensuring data breach compliance
•    Lessons from CNO Financial Group on developing a culture of compliance
•    Roles and responsibilities for key decision-makers while managing incidents
•    How to prepare for and comply with state and HIPAA-mandated incident response obligations
•    Benefits of using the ID Experts RADAR software to automate incident analysis, decision-making and reporting
•    Metrics you should consider for measuring success in managing privacy incident response
Stephanie L. Pasky, Compliance Counsel, Attorney at Law, CNO Services, LLC
Mahmood Sher-Jan, CHPC, Vice President of Product Management, ID Experts
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