The End of the Data Life Cycle - Challenges and Solutions

Original broadcast date: July 21, 2011

Whether to keep or destroy the personal and sensitive customer and employee  information your organization holds is a perennial challenge for privacy professionals. Various state and federal laws and regulations govern elements of when and how this data should be destroyed, and the risks of a potentially expensive data breach make the costs associated with destruction a business decision worthy of consideration. What are the legal risks associated with decisions regarding the destruction of information, and what factors should you consider in making these decisions? How should you develop and implement policies to manage these processes within your organization? Join our panel of legal and practical experts as they answer these questions and more and provide guidance on industry best practices.

Anthony J. Diana, CIPP, Partner, Mayer Brown LLP
Web Hull, CIPP & CIPP/G, Senior Privacy and Compliance Specialist, Iron Mountain
Michael J. Lawlor, President, DestructData, Inc.
Sean O'Leary, Director of Communications, DestructData, Inc.

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