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April Featured Product


Updating Online Privacy Policies: Timely Advice from Experts

Recent new state, federal and foreign privacy laws—as well as business and technological developments—make now the time to update your privacy policies. Listen to a panel of top experts share practical instruction and drafting tips.

New Releases


Dealing with Paper in a Paperless World: Privacy Challenges of Paper-Digital Conversions

In paper-to-digital conversions, discover where the weakest points are, what your legal obligations are and what you can do to prevent data loss at these junctures.


CIPM Online training

Just released! Online training is now available for the all-new CIPM program—the first and only certification in privacy program management. Study to become a CIPM with this self-paced, interactive training. The easy-to-use format starts with an instructional narrative and then helps you apply your knowledge using real-life scenarios.


Where Security Meets Privacy – Real-world Challenges and Practical Solutions

The relationship between IT security and privacy teams within organizations should ideally be a strong one—with clear communication channels and responsibilities—but this is rarely the case. Competing demands, siloed cultures and even competition for budget can all contribute to a less-than-ideal partnership. Hear three experienced privacy and security experts offer tips and insights into how you can improve this working relationship at your organization. Practical knowledge is shared through a hypothetical case study and supporting materials.