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Privacy Policy Development Guide and Implementation Templates

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative created this guide to help organizations develop and implement a privacy policy.

Outsourcing, Hosting and ASP checklist

created by Oakland University

Recommended Practices on Notice of Security Breach Involving Personal Information

This guidance, created by the California Office of Privacy Protection, outlines best practices for organizations to follow in protecting the personal data of its customers. It includes recommended practices for the collection and handling of data through the notification process when customers’ personal data has been compromised while in the organization’s care.

Checklist of Responsible Information-Handling Practices

This Privacy Rights Clearinghouse checklist offers suggestions for drafting organizational data-handling principles to safeguard both customer/client and employee data. It outlines major components of effective privacy policies and asks questions to help organizations discover whether they have proper protections in place.

Consumer Federation of America’s Best Practices for Identity Theft Services

Created in March 2011, the Consumer Federation of America teamed up with ID theft service providers to compile these industry best practices. The document is geared toward commercial service providers and intends to sculpt the way the companies promote their services in a clear, accurate way.

Privacy by Design: From Policy to Practice

Using Ontario Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian’s principles of Privacy by Design, this guidance follows IBM’s data protection strategy, from policy making through implementation. The strategy consists of three primary elements—privacy impact assessments, education and awareness training and data incident management.

Privacy Event Management Template

This template can be used to document and manage a privacy event. Included in the form are areas to track events, responsibilities, communications and actions.


TH!NK PRIVACY offers a range of free downloadable materials including posters, bin stickers and postcards, for use within your organisation. You can print them off for use in employee areas.

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