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Interview Questions for Privacy “A Team” Candidates

Jay Cline, CIPP/US, of Minnesota Privacy Consultants helped the IAPP compile this list of interview questions submitted by several dozen subscribers to the IAPP Privacy List. The questions are favorites of the subscribers in helping to find privacy job candidates with the highest potential.

The Legislation of Privacy: New Laws That Will Change Your Life has created this basic overview of some new privacy legislation, both passed and proposed, in the U.S. and what it may mean for you and your organization.

Ten Steps to a Quality Privacy Program

This series of Privacy Advisor articles by Deidre Rodriguez, CIPP/US, explores different aspects of privacy programs, why they're important and how to implement them in your organization.

Chronology of Data Breaches

This tool from Privacy Rights Clearinghouse allows users to sort and search data breaches in the U.S. by type of breach, type of organization and year and then download and print a pdf of the customized report.

FTC Cases and Proceedings

This webpage lists all U.S. Federal Trade Commission cases and proceedings and allows filtering by name, date, enforcement type, and more.

State Laws on Genetic Privacy

This interactive map of the U.S. comes from the Council for Responsible Genetics and allows users to click through to state laws on genetic privacy.

Collecting Information About Your Customers–Small Business Checklist

This checklist for the UK Information Commissioner’s Office helps small businesses collect and use information about customers properly and offers advice about drafting a privacy notice.

Privacy Risk Index Calculator

The Edelman Privacy Risk Index (ePRI) helps organizations around the world, better understand security and privacy risk and its impact on corporate reputation. Consumers want to know what´s happening to their data and have expectations about how their privacy is managed. The ePRI was developed in partnership with the Ponemon Institute and is the first global index to compare the level of privacy risk being faced by organizations in 29 different countries and regions with responses from 6,400 risk managers, security professionals and IT Pros.

Subject Access Code of Practice

This code of practice from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office explains the rights of individuals to access their personal data and clarifies what data controllers must do in this regard to comply with their duties as set out in the Data Protection Act 1998.

UK ICO General Guide to Data Protection

This guide from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office offers data protection basics, information on the role of the ICO and key definitions in the Data Protection Act.

CFPB Bulletin on Responsible Business Conduct

This guidance from the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers descriptions of activities that may warrant favorable consierdation from the bureau and aims to encourage activity that has concrete and substantial benefits for consumers and contributes to the success of the Bureau’s mission.

Easy Guide for Responding to Information Incidents Including Privacy Breaches

This guidance from the BC Information Commissioner’s Office provides preliminary steps to responding to an information incident, including those involving personal information, and are intended to guide workers who encounter information incidents.

Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard

Nymity’s Data Privacy Accountability Scorecard is an evidence based, scalable framework for privacy offices to demonstrate accountability by monitoring, measuring and reporting ongoing privacy management activities in order to further realize benefits from their current investments in privacy management and from their future investments in privacy management.

U.S. State Laws Related to the Privacy of Online Activities

The National Conference of State Legislatures has compiled this list of U.S. state laws related to the privacy of Internet users' online activities.

NIST Preliminary Cybersecurity Framework

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released this preliminary framework under the Executive Order “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity.” The framework consist of standards and processes to promote the protection of critical infrastructure.

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