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Privacy Engineering: Proactively Embedding Privacy, by Design

This paper from Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario Ann Cavoukian co-authored with Stuart Shapiro of the MITRE Corporation and R. Jason Cronk of Enterprise Consulting Group offers an introduction as to what privacy engineering entails and looks into how a privacy engineer approaches risks and risk analysis; considers the broad classes of mitigating controls, and examines trade-offs.

Regaining Control of Corporate Information

The Corporate Executive Board Company created this report based on General Counsel Roundtable research that outlines concerns of legal executives in relation to corporate data management. The report looks into the costs of technology and information incidents, calculating risk and the role of legal departments in information risk.

The Next Generation Communications Privacy Act

This article by Orin Kerr in the University of Pennsylvania Law Review offers a thought experiment about what might happen if Congress were to repeal ECPA and enact a new privacy statute to replace it.

Top 20 Government-imposed Data Privacy Fines Worldwide, 1999-2014

Data Use and Impact Global Workshop

The Center for Information Policy Research and the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research of Indiana University hosted this workshop exploring use-based risk assessments. Fred Cate and Viktor Mayer-Schönberger note in this paper highlighting the outcomes of the workshop, “Only by understanding and applying the tools of risk assessment and management to clearly articulated categories of potential harms and benefits likely to result from uses of personal data can we ensure that data are used responsibly, that individual privacy is protected, and that data users are accountable stewards of the data they possess.”

Privacy Industry Index (PII): Information Technology

Privacy Industry Index (PII): Consumer Services

Notification, call center and identity protection products all seek to help you maintain trust while meeting complex obligations. The list below represents the variety of vendors available.

Privacy Industry Index (PII): Cyber Liability Insurance

Insurance can protect you in case of a cyber attack with liability associated with the loss of customer or employee data. The list below represents the variety of 
vendors available.

Privacy Industry Index (PII): Legal Services

Law firms offer a wide variety of privacy services ranging from risk mitigating services such as planning and implementing privacy and security programs to responsive services such as assistance with regulatory response, investigations, remediation and litigation. The list below represents the variety of vendors available.

Privacy Industry Index (PII): Data Breach Vendors

The privacy industry is young and fast moving. What used to be the fascination of academics has become a business pursuit. Protecting data has value and you have to invest to make sure that data is properly protected. Businesses must work with a large collection of vendors from a variety of disciplines to reach their privacy goals.

Privacy Industry Index (PII): Consulting Services

Businesses frequently rely on the experience, resources and tools that consultants offer to assist with risk assessment, compliance and data breach preparedness or response. The list below represents the variety of vendors available.

EU Data Protection Law and the Cloud

This series of four articles by Kuan Hon and Prof. Christopher Millard of Queen Mary University of London explore the challenges of cloud computing in the EU. Articles include 'Personal Data' in Cloud Computing - What Information is Regulated? The Cloud of Unknowing, Part 1; Who is Responsible for 'Personal Data' in Cloud Computing? The Cloud of Unknowing, Part 2; Data Protection Jurisdiction and Cloud Computing; When are Cloud Users and Providers Subject to EU Data Protection Law? The Cloud of Unknowing, Part 3, and Data Export in Cloud Computing; How Can Personal Data Be Transferred Outside the EEA? The Cloud of Unknowing, Part 4

Privacy 101 for SMEs: The Best Defense is a Good Offense

In this practical whitepaper, Omer Tene and Marc Groman, CIPP/US, offer tips to help small businesses safeguard consumer data, build trust and “avoid boosting newspaper sales with sensationalist business titles.”

Consumer Concerns About Data Privacy Rising: What Can Business Do?

This study from J.D. Power and SSI looked at consumers in the United States, China and India to evaluate concerns about data privacy and its ownership. Results of this research show that consumers’ concerns about data privacy and ownership have increased across the past three decades and remain high. Moreover, results show that concern about personal privacy is an issue for consumers in all countries and across all age groups. (October 2013)

Privacy Policies: How To Communicate Effectively with Consumers

Kinsella Media with the IAPP and Rust Consulting produced this whitepaper discussing the consequences of failing to make clear and accurate privacy disclosures in the framework of today’s legal and regulatory landscape. Researchers Michelle Ghiselli and Shannon Wheatman offer insights on crafting plain-language policies.

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