Textbook Key

F: Foundations of Information Privacy and Data Protection

US: U.S. Private-sector Privacy

C: Canadian Privacy

E: European Privacy

G: U.S. Government Privacy

IT: Privacy in Information Technology

M: Privacy Program Management

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Secure Sockets Layer

A protocol for establishing a secure connection for transmission that facilitates much of the online commerce that occurs on the Internet today. For example, HTTPS, a secure form of HTTP, is an SSL application used in password exchanges or e-commerce. “The primary goal of the SSL protocol is to provide privacy and reliability between two communicating applications.” The protocol has three main properties: (1) The connection is private; (2) the peer’s identity can be authenticated using asymmetric, or public key, cryptography, and (3) the connection is reliable.

Reference(s) in IAPP Certification Textbooks: F118, 124-125

Acronym(s): SSL

Related term(s): HTTP, HTTPS, TLS