Textbook Key

F: Foundations of Information Privacy and Data Protection

US: U.S. Private-sector Privacy

C: Canadian Privacy

E: European Privacy

G: U.S. Government Privacy

IT: Privacy in Information Technology

M: Privacy Program Management

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Deceptive Trade Practices

In the context of U.S. federal law, a term associated with corporate entities who mislead or misrepresent products or services to consumers and customers. These practices are regulated in the U.S. by the Federal Trade Commission at the federal level and typically by an attorney general or office of consumer protection at the state level. Law typically provides for both enforcement by the government to stop the practice and individual actions for damages brought by consumers who are hurt by the practices.

Reference(s) in IAPP Certification Textbooks: US16

Associated term(s): Unfair Trade Practices

Associated law(s): U.S. Federal Trade Commission Act