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“U.S.-Style” Data Collection Spreads Globally


October 16, 2013

The business trend of collecting the maximum amount of information about customers and potential clients is being adopted by businesses around the world, according to Forbes. One international data catalog advertisement by California-based data broker Infocore states, “For example, you might be interested in female, affluent customers in China, Hong Kong and Singapore … From that we’ll access our repository and send you a custom data summary.” The company has access to 6.5 billion records worldwide and expects to have access to 10 billion by next year, according to the report. Infocore President and CEO Kitty Kolding said, “The data industry is very nascent right now … But there is a lot of long-term profit to be had.” In some countries, however, the data is obtained through questionable methods, Kolding said, adding, “In China, there is way more data than you would think … Some of it is dodgy.”
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