Privacy Advisor

Producing your privacy

August 26, 2013

Protecting personal information from prying eyes has evolved from the purview of privacy professionals and civil liberties champions to a cause of common concern for people everywhere.

Capitalizing on the public’s increased privacy awareness in the midst of data breaches and surveillance scandals, enterprising products are touting new services where until recently few were even aware there was a market.

Privacy Advisor highlights some of the latest examples:

BBR Select

B&B Protector Plans, Inc. and Beazley have joined insurance forces to offer a comprehensive data breach liability and reporting insurance.

After a data breach, BBR Select provides notification and credit monitoring for thousands of affected individuals, third party liability of at least $1 million, as well as coverage for public relations and regulatory fines. Part of B&B’s Cyber Protector PlanSM, BBR Select includes compliance advice and model protocols for best practices to avoid data breaches from the outset.


Clouds are great because they follow you anywhere, but they also allow anyone with their heads in them to access your files.

One way to ease those concerns is to encrypt your files before they are sent skyward. Fogpad does just that, automatically encrypting all your files with 256-bit force before they are sent to Google Drive.

Fogpad claims that not even the NSA will be able to view your files. Privacy Advisor was unable to contact Edward Snowden for confirmation.


Privacy Optimizer

The good news: there are a gazillion software options to help users protect their online privacy.

The bad news: there are a gazillion software options to help users protect their online privacy.

Privacy Optimizer from Badosoft seeks to unify all the most important privacy tools in one suite. Features include browser anonymization, a file shredder to permanently destroy unwanted files, a feature to hide your IP, folder encryption features, and more.

On sale now, Privacy Optimizer is priced from $29.99 to $149.95.

SurfEasy VPN

SurfEasy does many things, at least two of which make using a smart phone more private and secure.

First, every scintilla of data transferred while SurfEasy is activated is encrypted.

Second, the VPN connects a smart phone to the internet via a server, thereby obscuring the phone’s location. This means a user’s location can’t easily be tracked.

It also means that country-restricted material – say on Hulu or Channel 4 – is accessible anywhere so long as SurfEasy is fooling websites to think that the device is where it should be.

SurfEasy is also compatible with tablets and computers, depending on the operating system.