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Opinion: Ask Your Customers How Safe They Feel


November 22, 2013

EMC Corp. released a survey showing that 58 percent of Canadian technology professionals “think their bosses are confident in the security and performance of their computer systems,” prompting IT World Canada Editor-At-Large Shane Shick to write, “companies never seem to learn from the mistakes of others,” adding, “If scary statistics and even scarier news stories aren't driving them to improve, direct feedback from the people they claim to care about is probably the only thing that will.” Meanwhile, the Pictou County Health Authority will send letters notifying dozens of patients that their health records may have been viewed by an outside healthcare professional who was shadowing an employee without authorization, and Healthcare Canada identified 40,000 medical cannabis patients and producers by including "Marihuana Medical Access Program" in the return address on communications, angering The Canadian Association of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries.
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