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NTIA-Led Group Releases Code of Conduct


July 26, 2013

After a year of meetings and deliberations, the multi-stakeholder group organized by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration released yesterday statements showing general support for its Short Form Notice Code of Conduct, along with concrete examples of what the “nutrition label”-like short-form privacy notice might look like. These new notices won’t replace long-form privacy notices, but will serve as quick guides to which information is being collected by mobile apps and for what purpose. However, use of the short-form notices remains voluntary, and, noted Adweek, only two of the stakeholders committed concretely to use of the code of conduct. Other groups, such as the ACLU and EFF, voted to support the short form notices, but without committing to a full endorsement. And another 17 groups voted for more consideration. “It is not a consensus and not done," said Stu Ingis, of the Direct Marketing Association.
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