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A note to our readers: The IAPP has ceased publication of Inside 1to1: PRIVACY. The December 2012 issue is the final edition. We hope you continue to enjoy our daily newsletter, the Daily Dashboard, and our monthly newsletter, The Privacy Advisor.

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Majority of Websites Make “No Commitment” to Deleting Consumer Data (December 12, 2012)
A PrivacyChoice study found that 20 percent of websites may sell consumers’ information and 60 percent make no commitment to deleting it. The study looked at more than 4,000 websites and released data on 2,500. It scored companies based on the four factors consumers are most concerned about, ArsTechnica reports, the most important being whether sites share personal data. While 63 percent said they generally don’t, 10 percent said they don’t for marketing purposes and eight percent said they don’t collect data at all. The second most important factor to consumers is whether sites delete data upon the user’s request, the report states. In that case, 60 percent said they “make no promises” to do so and three percent said they “contemplate a data removal process.” (Registration may be required to access this story.)
Looking ahead to 2013; where should marketers focus concerns? (December 12, 2012)
Advances in technology, consumer complaints about privacy violations and regulatory action in 2012 have set the stage for 2013 to be a pivotal year for marketers and the rules that surround their profession. Inside 1to1: PRIVACY asked four experts to weigh in on the topics marketers should pay attention to in the coming year and how to stay not only compliant with privacy rules but also a part of the conversation on how the rules will be shaped.