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Study: Consumers Not Willing To Compromise On Privacy (June 18, 2012)
Edelman has released its sixth Value & Engagement in the Era of Social Entertainment and Second Screens Survey exploring consumer attitudes, behaviors and habits in the U.S and UK. This year's study shows that Internet entertainment is growing, but that many consumers are unlikely to use automatic notifications that share their viewing or reading habits on social media sites, reports The Wall Street Journal. "Over the past six years, privacy has always been the one factor that audiences are not willing to sacrifice," said Jon Hargreaves of Edelman Europe, noting that U.S. respondents were twice as likely to use these features as their British counterparts. "Social networks offer great opportunities to brands, but audiences want to remain in control, and do not want to automatically share what they are viewing," said Gail Becker, also of Edelman.
At FTC Event, Experts Agree There’s Work To Be Done On Mobile Privacy Disclosures (June 18, 2012)
At the Federal Trade Commission one-day public workshop May 30, experts discussed online and mobile disclosures. The FTC is looking to update its last guidance on mobile privacy disclosures, released in 2000. Moderated by FTC staff, panelists discussed such topics as how, when and where to make advertising disclosures to consumers, especially given the small screen sizes of mobile devices.