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Users Are Confused By Icons (April 13, 2012)
MediaPost reports on recent studies that the "centerpiece of the ad industry's self-regulatory privacy program"--icons aimed at advising users about behaviorally targeted ads--is confusing to users. The pair of Carnegie Mellon University studies "cast doubt on whether the icons effectively inform Web users about data-based advertising," the report states. A study of 1,500 Internet users found that "icons, taglines and landing pages fell short both in terms of notifying participants about OBA and clearly informing participants about their choices." The second, which focused on interviews with 48 Internet users, found that "five out of 48 thought the icon was aimed at informing users about tailored ads," the report states.
Should Consumers Control Their Own Data? (April 13, 2012)
Want to address ongoing concerns about the buying, selling and consolidation of people's personal information without their knowledge or consent? Then allow consumers to directly control when--or even if--their information gets bought and sold.
Will the EU Privacy Reform Boost Privacy Seal Adoption? (April 13, 2012)
The proposed regulation to replace the landmark EU Directive on Data Protection has generated keen interest in its proposed two-percent penalty on the revenues of noncompliant companies and a new "right to be forgotten." What has eluded most discussion, however, is the European Commission's heightened interest in institutionalizing privacy seals.