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Greetings (July 15, 2011)
In sensational fashion, the conversation about data breaches got kicked up a notch this week as reports detailing the News of the World phone hacking scandal continued to emerge.

New wave of privacy regulation and enforcement (July 15, 2011)
Privacy and marketing professionals should be noticing something in the air. The last 12 months have produced deeper and broader privacy regulation and enforcement across the globe. This wave of activity is the most we've seen since the round of international lawmaking triggered by the 1995 EU Directive on Personal Data and the data breach notification phenomenon that began in 2005.
How will the EU cookie crumble for U.S. businesses? (July 15, 2011)
As many know, the European Union (EU) adopted new changes to the EU Privacy Directive at the end of December 2009 requiring businesses to receive consumer consent before placing tracking devices such as a cookie, flash or beacon onto someone's computer. According to the regulation, EU member states must enact this change by May 2011, yet it's still unknown how each of the 28 nations will enact these laws individually.
Study: Popular Sites Leaking User Data (July 15, 2011)
According to the results of a new study, many of the most popular online publishers are leaking reader data to outside parties.

Conducted by researchers from AT&T and Worcester Polytechnic Institute, the study found that 56 percent of 120 sites studied leaked personally identifiable data, MediaPostNews reports.

Nine out of 10 sites in both health and travel were found to leak information, with health sites tracking what search terms people used. The report notes that, in some cases, it was possible to link a user's leaked e-mail address and search term to a cookie placed by an outside party, revealing, for example, "the e-mail address of a user interested in learning more about pancreatic cancer."