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Greetings (December 9, 2010)
In recent months, few privacy news stories have generated as much attention as those surrounding the release of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's online privacy report last week. The report was highly anticipated, and from Washington to Paris and Brussels to Madison Avenue, a steady stream of reaction and analyses has ensued. The report touches on what some have described as a "breathtaking" range of areas. It recommends that companies develop a privacy-by-design philosophy and calls for more effective transparency in privacy policies and greater protections for children.
Cookie conundrums: A recipe for litigation? (December 9, 2010)
Flash cookies, not so long ago, were virtually unheard of in discussions of behavioral targeting and online tracking. Time has passed, and in this past year alone, multiple companies--many involving online marketers and some of their well-known clients--are facing litigation related to their use of Flash Player local storage, which is often referred to as "Flash Cookies" in the public and sometimes confused with Web browser cookies.
Privacy policy? Ask what the consumer wants (December 9, 2010)
A Q&A with Qwest CPO Andy Holleman
Following up on our feature on efforts by companies to bring their stakeholders' ideas and concerns into the process of creating or revising privacy policies, Inside 1to1: Privacy asked Qwest Chief Privacy Officer Andy Holleman about the implementation of the company's updated policy, which is now in effect after a lengthy comment and review period.
Research Update: Trust is key (December 9, 2010)
The November 2010 Data Tracker survey, conducted by fast.MAP, shows that online consumers are more likely to shop on sites that are easy to use, have obvious security features and a name they trust. MarketingWeek reports that while nearly a quarter of consumers experienced a data breach within the past six months, 25 percent are "highly confident" their personal details will be safe with companies fitting those criteria. "Trust, a clear privacy policy and necessity prompt about 40 percent of consumers to divulge their personal details," says David Cole of fast.MAP. DMA Director Chris Combemale adds, "Consumers are now fully aware of the value and vulnerability of their data, a fact that all too many brands have ignored at their cost."