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Greetings! (August 12, 2010)
It is certainly true that a picture paints a thousand words. But in today's world, pictures can also e-mail, upload and geotag themselves, as Fran Maier learned recently after her camera disappeared on a trip to Europe. In this month's Inside 1to1: Privacy, we bring you her story. It's one where the pictures tell much, much more than expected. And it's one that could become more common as smart technologies increasingly work their way into the gadgets and devices of our daily lives. The privacy repercussions of such instruments are some of the unintended consequences of technological progress.
Wi-Fi, Eye-Spy and the unintended consequences of new technology (August 12, 2010)
Imagine taking a trip cross country or across the globe, only to lose your camera or have it stolen miles from home. Once the usual channels of recovery are exhausted, you’d probably never expect to hear about it again. Not so for privacy professional Fran Maier of TRUSTe, who received an unexpected message after the disappearance of her camera in Germany announcing her new pictures were available online.
Gadgets, phones and apps: Top 10 protection tips for consumers and businesses (August 12, 2010)
It's not just the PC anymore. Smartphones, cameras, gaming counsels, anything Web-enabled can transfer or share your information. This is not limited to hardware; this also applies to mobile applications, social applications, networked games and a range of software. Even if the transmitting and/or sharing is in your control, and you opted into it, you could lose your device, forget your settings or sell it without considering the information you have on it. Here are some guidelines for businesses and consumers.