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Research Update (May 1, 2010)
A survey of marketers has revealed that privacy fears are slowing adoption of behavioral targeting methods, The New York Times reports.
Greetings! (May 1, 2010)
Last week's news was awash with stories about Facebook. The media, the blogosphere and others weighed in on recent changes made by the company that result in users' profiles being more "open" by default. Regulators called for change, advocates called for an investigation and users raised eyebrows while others raised funds to build a privacy protective social network that they think will appeal to those currently questioning their presence on Facebook.
Privacy in the online advertising arena (May 1, 2010)
If everyone in the online advertising arena hasn't been paying attention to the privacy issues associated with their business, there is reason to assume they soon will be. Recent events have commanded much attention.
Creating a privacy gameplan for your social media strategy (May 1, 2010)
The rise of social networks as a marketplace is arguably one of the most important economic phenomena of recent years. Companies seeking to exploit these new opportunities will need a privacy gameplan, however, to meet customer and regulator expectations.