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A note to our readers: The IAPP has ceased publication of Inside 1to1: PRIVACY. The December 2012 issue is the final edition. We hope you continue to enjoy our daily newsletter, the Daily Dashboard, and our monthly newsletter, The Privacy Advisor.

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Ubiquitous Identification Series:  Will Other Countries Join the Canadian Debate Over the Privacy of (January 1, 2009)
In her 2008 Annual Report to Parliament, Canadian federal Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart identified the widespread availability of personal data in public records as one of her top concerns. This article discusses the historic rationale for public access to information, outlines the case for reform in the Information Age, and examines some of the proposed reforms.
The Social Benefits of Data Sharing (January 1, 2009)
While daily news stories describe the negative repercussions of our growing willingness to share personal information on social networking sites, this article takes a serious look at the benefits these sites bring to individual users and society as a whole. Experts share diverse views on the social networking phenomenon and its likely evolution.
Greetings! (January 1, 2009)
The Golden Globes. The Oscars. The Emmys. For better or worse, the red carpet will command the airwaves in the coming months. We're way ahead of them. Last month, privacy professionals rolled out the red carpet for a celebrity of their own, Marty Abrams. Before the curtain closed on 2008, the IAPP presented Marty with the 2008 Privacy Vanguard Award for his major contributions to global privacy policy matters...