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A note to our readers: The IAPP has ceased publication of Inside 1to1: PRIVACY. The December 2012 issue is the final edition. We hope you continue to enjoy our daily newsletter, the Daily Dashboard, and our monthly newsletter, The Privacy Advisor.

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Trust In A New Era (August 1, 2008)
This article discusses the privacy policies and business model of Trusera, a health information startup founded by former Amazon executives where users share personal stories about their medical conditions and paths to recovery.
Photo Tagging Portends New Frontier For Privacy Pros (August 1, 2008)
This article discusses how the rapidly evolving practice of photo-tagging — appending personal information to uploaded digital images — will redefine the roles of corporate privacy officers, who, in addition to their traditional focus on compliance, increasingly will be called to assist in developing products and services that help customers safely navigate the changing online ecosystem.
Greetings! (August 1, 2008)
There was a great television ad campaign a couple of years back where photo subjects "talked" to digital camera owners, urging them to get their photos off their cameras and into frames. Remember the swimsuit-clad young man "captured" in the middle of a Cannonball jump into a pool? He implores his parents to free him from the confines of their camera. If the ad series was successful, more and more of us are converting our megapixels into...