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Greetings! (October 1, 2007)
This month, we tackle an issue that many organizations grapple with -- measuring the ROI of a Chief Privacy Officer (CPO). One thing is clear: many companies -- and even government agencies -- are eager for objective measures of a CPO's performance. One seasoned CPO quoted in the story below suggests that a measurement framework must include both statistical benchmarks as well as anecdotal feedback from consumers and clients.
Facebook: Managing Youth Privacy and Trust (October 1, 2007)
Facebook gained national attention last month when it announced it would allow search engines to index the names of its members over 18 who had given permission for such searches. This was a minor change from the 4-year-old company's past policy of requiring Internet users to first create a Facebook account before they could search its listings. But the policy switch triggered a media buzz that tapped into a question on many parents' minds: Do my children know enough to be safe on social-networking sites?
How to Measure a CPO’s Value (October 1, 2007)
A chief marketing officer is measured by the success with which he or she completes a host of sales and marketing goals. A chief financial officer is measured by how well he or she keeps a company's financial shop in order. Yet no such broadly accepted measurement framework exists for the Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) position.