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Motorola: The Marriage of Privacy and Security (August 1, 2007)
Since his arrival last year at Motorola, Data Protection Officer Dan Swartwood has seen his role grow in new directions to encompass responsibilities that marry privacy and security at the company. The convergence of privacy and security at Motorola is an emerging trend for other companies championing information-based business models. The timing of the privacy-security convergence for the Schaumburg, Illinois-based telecommunications manufacturer and originator of Six Sigma methodology isn't accidental.

Competence Is Not Enough to Foster Trust (August 1, 2007)
In an article recently published by CIO.com, privacy/security veteran John C. Reece took aim at the current state of privacy and security, and specifically how the words themselves have become almost meaningless. Part of his solution? That the words must "go away" as companies shift toward a trust-centric business model.
Greetings! (August 1, 2007)
This month's stories underscore the potential of chief privacy officers to strategically impact an organization's bottom line by helping to foster customers' trust. What is clear from both of these articles is that achieving this potential requires privacy pros to seek out and effectively execute strategies that likely are not evident in their initial job description.