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A note to our readers: The IAPP has ceased publication of Inside 1to1: PRIVACY. The December 2012 issue is the final edition. We hope you continue to enjoy our daily newsletter, the Daily Dashboard, and our monthly newsletter, The Privacy Advisor.

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How GE Coordinates a Large Privacy Team (June 1, 2007)
What would you do if you were appointed chief privacy officer (CPO) of a multinational corporation with 52 privacy leaders and more than 200 employees working on privacy scattered across 39 business units? You might start updating your resume again, or if you're a seasoned privacy leader like Nuala O'Connor Kelly, you might try something new -- like holding a series of privacy "workouts." That's what O'Connor Kelly spearheaded during her second year as Chief Privacy Leader of the company that Thomas Edison started in 1890.
TJX Customers Trust a Bargain (June 1, 2007)
When retail behemoth TJX revealed in January that thieves had invaded its systems and stolen a wealth of consumer data, most observers expected the company would feel a profound impact. Given all the studies that illustrate heightened consumer concern about privacy and security issues, pundits speculated that consumers would register a vote of no-confidence by shopping elsewhere, punishing the retailer for the lengthy security compromise that exposed credit and debit card information for nearly 46 million customers. However, when TJX unveiled its fiscal results for the quarter that ended April 28, the company reported sales were up 6 percent from the same period last year.
Greetings! (June 1, 2007)
Just as we were wrapping up this issue of Inside 1to1: Privacy, Carnegie Mellon University researchers released the results of a privacy information study that shows consumers will pay more online for items when merchants' privacy information is available and accessible. The results of this study offer more to ponder as we try to decipher consumers' sometimes conflicting behavior. In this issue, we talk to experts about why TJX -- in the aftermath of a security breach that exposed credit and debit card information for nearly 46 million customers -- nonetheless experienced a 6 percent increase in sales over the same period a year ago.