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Doc Causes Stir Before W3C Meeting


May 1, 2013

There are rumblings within the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) leading up to next week’s Do-Not-Track (DNT) meeting after a document was distributed among members “rendering the meeting practically moot,” AdWeek reports. The “Draft Framework for DNT Discussions Leading Up to Face-to-Face” has been called a “framework,” but privacy groups have called it a “proposal” from the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA). According to the document, DNT would be off by default. W3C Co-Chair Peter Swire, CIPP/US, said, “As the name states, it is a framework for discussion, to help frame a possible agenda for next week’s face-to-face meeting in California.” DAA Counsel Stu Ingis said the document is the result of input from the DAA, consumer groups and other stakeholders. “It’s hard for stuff to happen if there’s no agenda,” said Ingis, adding, “There are a lot of cats to herd.”
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