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Are you sick of hearing about Heartbleed? If you are, you may want to skip some of the stories profiled in this week’s Dashboard Digest. If, however, you are like me, you might still be confused by the array of stories about the technical vulnerability, how it works and what damage it might have caused. I had to do a fair amount of self-study this week to prepare for an on-air interview with the CBC, and I must admit that the more I read about it, the more questions I had.

One thing is for sure: We work in an increasingly dynamic industry where things change faster than ever. What was once considered secure is actually not. Safeguards that you thought were good enough, aren't. I suppose that’s all the more reason the privacy professional needs tools like the Dashboard Digest—to try and stay on top of what’s going on.

With respect to the Heartbleed saga, we felt that you deserved even more opportunity to learn about it, so we have added a session to this year’s Symposium that promises to educate privacy professionals on exactly what they need to know about the vulnerability. I hope you can make it to Toronto if you're keen to learn more.

Somewhat overshadowed by Heartbleed were two rather significant decisions from Commissioners Denham and Cavoukian. Read on to learn more because these, too, are important events. 

Have a great weekend, and happy (Easter egg) hunting!

Kris Klein
Managing Director
IAPP Canada

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