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Are Banks Regularly Violating the GLBA?


October 18, 2013

Forbes reports on the selling of personal information by the financial industry and new research by Carnegie Mellon University Prof. Lorrie Faith Cranor. She, along with her students, analyzed 3,422 financial institutions to better understand their data-sharing practices and to see whether they comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA). Her research found that practices varied widely—including 27 organizations that violated GLBA regulations altogether, the report states. “There is really no way for a consumer to find the good banks,” Cranor said, “because you would never think to check all the privacy policies.” JP Morgan Chase Director of Public Affairs Steve O’Halloran said, “We post our consumer privacy notice on Chase.com. On this page, you’ll notice that customers can limit information that is shared with affiliates and non-affiliates.”
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