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Archivists Lobby Against Right To Be Forgotten


June 17, 2013

A group of French archivists is lobbying to keep personal data flourishing online in the face of the EU data protection draft’s “right to be forgotten” provision. Jean-Phillipe Legois, president of the Association of French Archivists says, “Today, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, this is the correspondence of the 21st century. If we want to understand the society of today in the future, we have to keep certain traces.” The archivists have introduced a petition to present to the European Parliament. The petition has thus far received almost 50,000 signatures. Meanwhile, the French government has rejected the latest version of the draft regulation. Editor’s Note: A recent Privacy Perspectives blog post by archivist Cherri-Ann Beckles asksWill the Right To Be Forgotten Lead to a Society That Was Forgotten?
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