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Putting its regard for privacy compliance to the fore, the iappANZ Board has this week taken the decision to opt in to the obligations of the new privacy legislation. You will see our new privacy policy, and we welcome any comments as it has been a collaborative effort by some of Australia’s finest privacy minds. We understand that the privacy commissioner will be talking about ways to improve organisations’ privacy policies at the OAIC Privacy Awareness Week Breakfast, so if you are revising yours, it is an event not to be missed. In news this week you will also see that AMSRO has also applied to register a non-mandatory code of practice.

Now that 12 March is over, we are starting to see less of the doomsday reports and more of the innovation which the OAIC encourages. We expect plenty of new ideas in Privacy Awareness Week in May. We are delighted to confirm that the deputy chair of the ACMA will be joining the ALRC and OAIC representatives in our Great Debate on Australia’s direction on serious invasion of privacy in the digital age.

The article by Brenda Aynsley OAM this week, “Sharing the Values to match the technology,” presents a fascinating counterpoint to the call by Tim Berners-Lee and the World Wide Web consortium in their “Web We Want Campaign.” Aynsley examines the important distinction between “trusted” providers and “trustworthy” providers. Trustworthiness is critical because technology projects continue to have one of the highest rates of failure—failure to deliver on promises, on time, on budget—or all three. Risks such as those presented internationally by Heartbleed or the CDA security breach, which threatens the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record, mean that the concept of trustworthy will become increasingly significant for privacy professionals that either develop or procure technology. Then, of course, as the story on the use of biometric facial recognition technology in Japan shows, trustworthiness in the party deploying the technology is vital. It will be interesting to hear from Tim Rains on trustworthy computing in Privacy Awareness Week. Hope to meet you there.

Emma Hossack

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