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Anonymous VPN Service Shuts Down, Cites Gov’t Intrusion


October 22, 2013

CryptoSeal Privacy, a service providing anonymous virtual private networks, has shut down the consumer service portion of its business rather than risk U.S. government intervention, Ars Technica reports. The move follows a similar business decision by former e-mail service provider Lavabit. A legal filing in Lavabit’s case has been seen as troubling for Cryptoseal, the report states. CryptoSeal wrote, “Our system does not support recording any of the information commonly requested in a pen register order, and it would be technically infeasible for us to add this in a prompt manner … The consequence, being forced to turn over cryptographic keys to our entire system on the strength of a pen register order, is unreasonable in our opinion and likely unconstitutional. But until this matter is settled, we are unable to proceed with our service."
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