Privacy Advisor

FBI’s Tiao Joins Hunton & Williams

June 1, 2013

FBI Senior Cybersecurity Adviser Paul Tiao has joined Hunton & Williams as a partner in its privacy and data security practice group.

Tiao served as senior counsel to FBI Director Robert Mueller III on cybersecurity, electronic surveillance, intellectual property crimes, digital forensics and other national security and criminal issues. He has previously served on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee as counsel to Senate Assistant Majority Leader Richard Durbin and as assistant U.S. attorney in the district of Maryland.

“Headlines resonate with reports of cyber threats and cyber attacks against cabinet-level agencies, financial institutions, energy companies, technology giants and major retail companies. It is already costing us billions of dollars each year, and the threat actors are growing in sophistication,” said Tiao. “In the global legal community, Hunton & Williams has been a pioneer in the development of corporate data security policies and programs, in the management of cyber intrusions and in litigation that has resulted from intrusions. I am happy to be joining a practice with such a solid, unwavering foundation in the industry.”