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Opinion: Privacy Bill Step in Right Direction


May 23, 2013

In a column for The New Zealand Herald, Prof. Gehen Gunasekara opines that MP Sue Moroney’s Privacy Amendment Bill is “bound to set the cat among the pigeons” as it enacts several of the Law Commission’s recommendations, including strengthening the powers of the privacy commissioner. Although many recent breaches—including the ACC, WINZ, IRD and EQC—“are undoubtedly a byproduct of the proliferation of information technologies, there is nevertheless evidence that some of the problems are systemic in nature, thereby highlighting the need for systemic and coordinated scrutiny as recommended by the Law Commission, as opposed to ad-hoc inquiry,” Gunasekara writes. Meanwhile, a privacy report reviewing the public sector has been stalled, causing some to speculate that problems have been uncovered.
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