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Fireworks Expected at Senate DNT Hearing


April 23, 2013

AdWeek previews Wednesday’s Do-Not-Track privacy hearing and the potential “fireworks” that may ensue. Called by Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), the hearing will feature testimony from privacy advocates and the advertising industry. The report states that privacy groups, along with Rockefeller, are becoming impatient with the pace of the World Wide Web Consortium and the Commerce Department’s multi-stakholder meetings for mobile apps. Consumer Watchdog Privacy Director John Simpson said, “The pace with both…has been glacial…We need the big stick of legislation,” and added, “It’s the only way to drive anything forward on either front.” The Digital Advertising Alliance’s Lou Mastria will testify as well and will defend the industry’s participation in the self-regulatory program, according to the report.
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