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Official, MP React to EQC, Immigration Breaches


April 4, 2013

Prime Minister John Key called privacy breaches “inevitable” following recent Earthquake Commission (EQC) incidents, reports The New Zealand Herald. Key called the breaches the “result of human error, not systemic failure,” saying the EQC had been “under huge pressure” to respond to a large number of claims. An audit is underway to ensure “systems to protect privacy are appropriate and robust.” Meanwhile, Immigration NZ mistakenly revealed the e-mail addresses of more than 200 people, prompting MP Darien Fenton to comment, “If the government can’t even get the basics right like protecting the personal e-mail addresses of Immigration NZ clients and stakeholders, how can the public have confidence that their privacy is being protected?” Meanwhile, the Ministry for the Environment has apologised for sending 150 each others’ private e-mail address.
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